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Because of torsion members being heavily dependent on the outside diameter, constant geometric shape is required. This can be harder to achieve in tube materials than in solid materials. Usually requiring the use of a filler material so not to crush the tube while in the bending process. Reliable hand manufacture of these types of swaybars is next to impossible, the use of mandrels to bend the tube Hollow Shaft vs Solid Shaft- Which Is Better?When there is no space constraint, then for the same mass, the hollow shaft is better than the solid shaft. But if we have a radial space constraint then the solid shaft is preferred since, in this case solid shaft has more power transfer capacity than the hollow shaft.

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Dec 08, 2019 · a solid bar would be stiffer than a tube of same material and dimension. The reason the hollow bar you posted was stiffer was the increased diameter and probably better steel. But its true that a hollow tube can be really close in stiffness to its solid bar companion; but it cant be as stiff and certainly not stiffer. Go back to the 2x12. Video:Strength Testing Hollow Vs. Solid Sway Bars Apr 25, 2017 · As youll see in todays video below, hollow (also called tubular) sway bars can actually outperform solid sway bars in a strength test while also providing a weight-savings advantage over the heavier solid bars. Which Is Stronger Solid Steel Rod Or Hollow Steel Pipe Which Is Stronger Solid Steel Rod Or Hollow Steel Pipe

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Feb 11, 2009 · Hollow tube is stronger for equal weight where its larger diameter and different mass distribution (away from the centreline) counts e.g. in torque around its longitudinal axis, like in a torsionWhy is a hollow pipe stronger than a solid one? Page 2 Mar 05, 2013 · A problem with pipes is that they may not resist deformation very well, meaning it's not too difficult to make them lose their circular form. If the application can cause that condition, it results in a weak point where the pipe may "fold" under heavy load. That's why plumbers put steel springs inside copper pipes while they are bending them. ==.