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2-Conductor Flat PVC Cable, Grey Jacket P# 768435. 3131 Pepper Mill Court Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5L 4X6 T:1.800.363.1588 E:[email protected] Terms and Conditions 3 Pin Df13 Hrs Connector Strain Relief Cord Grip Car Auto:Certificate:ISO, TS16949:Environmental Standards:ROHS,REACH:Standard of wire:QRV, AVSS, FLYYF, GPT, UL:Brand of connector and terminal:TYCO, MOLEX, YAZAKI, SUMITOMO, etc:Material Clamp:A19 steel with coopered surface, PVC for jackets:Cable:CCA of wire, PVC for insulation:Cable size:0.25*140*OD 10*2.5M:Electricity:500-600 AMP:Packaging:ZIPPER Bag:LOGO

3-Conductor Flat PVC Cable, Grey Jacket - Techspan Industries

3-Conductor Flat PVC Cable, Grey Jacket P# 768570. 3131 Pepper Mill Court Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5L 4X6 T:1. 800.363.1588 E:[email protected] Terms and Conditions 600V - Cables, Connectors & Patch Cables since 1995INSULATION:Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) per UL 62 for Type TFFN (18-16 AWG) or UL 83 for Type THWN or THHN wire. Average thickness is 15 mils for sizes 18-12 AWG and 20 mils for 10 AWG. INSULATION JACKET:Each insulated conductor is jacketed with nylon meeting UL 62 for Type TFFN or UL 83 for Type THWN or THHN wire. Minimum thickness is 4 mils. :Monoprice Planate Series 16 Gauge AWG Pure This item Monoprice Planate Series 16 Gauge AWG Pure Copper Flat Speaker Wire/Cable - 100Ft CL2 in Wall Rated, Jacketed in PVC Material for Home Theater, Car Audio and More 16AWG Speaker Wire, GearIT Pro Series 16 Gauge Speaker Wire Cable (100 Feet / 30.48 Meters) Great Use for Home Theater Speakers and Car Speakers, White

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Description:Flat Multi-Conductor Bonded Wire Primarily used in the construction of wiring harnesses for passenger cars, trucks, tractors and off the road vehicles. Use at 50 volts or less. Stranded, bare copper. Polyvinyl Chloride (P.V.C.) Recommended temperature range is -40°Cto80°C. Excellent resistance to abrasion. Use:Conductor:Insulation:Temp. Finding the Root Cause - of Power Cable FailuresThe outer layer of any three-phase or singlephase cable may be a metal sheath, a plastic jacket or both. The cables in Figures 1 to 3 have only plastic jackets. The purpose of the jacket or sheath is for mechanical protection. If the sheath is solid metal, it also protects the cable from water ingress. Industrial Automation and Control Cables - BeldenINDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION & PROCESS CONTROL CABLES 18.3 PLC/DCS Cable Cross Reference Guide 18 Industrial Cables For more information, contact Belden Technical Support:1-800-BELDEN-1 belden ABB/Bailey FOUNDATION FieldbusSee Protocol listings on page 8.6 Controls Industrial IT 800 X A9880 Network Trunk Cable Infinet 9880 Network Trunk Cable 9463 Blue Hose®

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This 3-conductor, 18-gauge power wire is designed for low-voltage variable color temperature LED light strip installations. The UL-Listed, PP-insulated wire can be used inside walls and is CMR rated to prevent the spread of fire along the cable. Wire markings indicate every 2 feet. Price per foot. Submersible Pump Cable Flat Black THW/PVCSubmersible Pump Cable, Flat Black THW/PVC Stranded copper conductors are insulated with color coded PVC (type THW or RHW-2) and configured flat and parallel with green insulated ground and overall PVC jacket applied directly over the conductors with a non-penetrating web. Suitable for use within the well casing to supply power to the submersible pump and where extra mechanical protection Wire & Cable Your Way Electrical Wire By the FootThrough strategic shipping locations and partnerships, our aim is to help our customers' operations come in on time. and under budget. WIRE AND CABLE YOUR WAY, YOUR TRUSTED ELECTRICAL WIRE AND CABLE SUPPLIER. We are a team of dedicated professsionals providing. superior customer service, affordable prices and fast delivery times.

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From expandable sleeving, to corrugated looms and fittings, Waytek always has several styles and sizes of wire coverings in stock, perfect for protecting a multitude of automotive electrical wiring and electrical connections in any application. An industrial cable protector or wire protection prevents damage caused by wire vibration damage, abrasions and incidental contact with other pieces of 3M Shielded/Jacketed, Flat Cable, 1785 Series 3M United 3M Shielded/Jacketed, Flat Cable, 1785 Series, TS0308 (PDF, 1.6MB) 3M Cable Properties - Internal Wiring, TS0731 (PDF, 168.0KB) Product Change Notices