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A6 Tool Steel Sheet, Annealed/Precision Ground, ASTM A681

The A6 tool steel sheet has been precision ground, meets American Society for Testing and Materials International ASTM A681 specifications, and has a standard tolerance. The A6 tool steel grade has better wear resistance than O1 and W1 tool steels, can be hardened in air following heat treatment at lower temperatures than A2 tool steel, and offers good dimensional stability. AISI A2 Steel - DIN 1.2363 steel - JIS SKD12 - Songshun SteelA2 steel is called DIN 1.2363 and JIS SKD12 steel. 1.2363 steel is a cold work mold steel that is improved on the basis of SKD11 steel.The toughness of 1.2363 steel is twice that of SKD11. The retained austenite is almost all decomposed under the conventional heat treatment conditions.

ASTM A681 - 08(2015) Standard Specification for Tool

1. Scope. 1.1 This specification covers the chemical, mechanical, and physical requirements for available wrought alloy tool steel products. 1.2 These products, which include hot or cold finished bar, plate, sheet, strip, rod, wire, or forgings, are normally fabricated into tools, dies, or fixtures. The selection of a material for a particular ASTM A681, for Tool Steels Alloy - Otai Special SteelASTM A681 is specification for Tool Steels Alloy. In which there are Hot Work Steel, Cold Work Tool Steel, Shock-Resisting Steels, Plastic Mold Tool Steel. Cold Work Tool Steels - ROLEX METAL DISTRIBUTORS - din 1.2363, x100crmov5, astm / sae / aisi a2 jis skd12 din 1.2379, x153crmov12, astm / sae / aisi d2, jis skd10 din 1.2436, x210crw12, astm / sae / aisi d6, jis skd2 din 1.2510, 100mncrw4, astm / sae / aisi o1, jis sks3 din 1.2550, 60wcrv8, astm / sae / aisi s1 din 1.2601, x165crmov12 din 1.2767, 45nicrmo16, jis skt6 din 1.2842, 90mncrv8, astm

Datasheet for Steel Grades Tool Steel AISI A2

United States:ASTM A681 , FED QQ-T-570 , SAE J437 , SAE J438 , UNS T30102 AISI A2 Range of products Product type Products Dimension Processes Deliver Status Plates / Sheets Plates / Sheets 0.08-200mm(T)*W*L Forging, hot rolling and cold rolling Annealed, Solution and Decarb Free Tool Steel Supplier - Decarb Free Bars, Pipes Southern Tool Steel is a decarb-free bars, pipes and sheets supplier and our inventory is available in a variety of forms, including:A2 Rounds, Flats, Squares, & Plate. D2 Rounds, Flats, Squares, & Plate. S7 Rounds, Flats, Squares, & Plate. H13 Rounds. M2 Rounds. O1 Rounds & Flats. Grade A2 Tool Steel McMaster-CarrChoose from over 450 grade A2 tool steel products in a wide range of sizes. Includes material certificates and CAD models. In stock and ready to ship.

Grades and Trade Names - Crucible

Tool Steels:A2:Airkool:ASTM A681:A6:CSM 6:ASTM A681:A9:Crucible A9:ASTM A681:D2:Airdi 150:ASTM A681:D2 Mod:CRU-WEAR H10 Mod:WR-95 H11:Halcomb High Speed Steel Tool Steel O6 O6 Technical DataHardening. Preheating:Heat at a rate not exceeding 400°F per hour (222°C per hour) to 1200-1250°F (649-677°C) and equalize. Austenitizing (High Heat):Heat slowly from the preheat to 1450-1550°F (788-843°C). Quenching:Oil or pressurized gas. For pressurized gas, the quench rate to below 1000°F (538°C) should be a minimum of 400°F 222 Source ASTM A681 A2 Cold Work Tool Steel Round Bar on m AISI A2 Tool Steel is one of A group cold works steel in ASTM A681 standard. A2 Tool Steel is a versatile, air hardening chromium alloy tool steel that replaces O1 tool steel when safer hardening, less distortion and increased wear resistance are required.

Standard Specication for Tool Steels Alloy1

3.1.2 Cold Work Tool Steels, Identication ATypes A2 to A10 cover a wide range of carbon and alloy contents but all have high hardenability and may be hardened in air. The low carbon Types A8 and A9 have less wear resistance but offer greater toughness than others in this group. TypeA7, with high