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DIN 17102 EStE315 Automotive Steel - Automobile Structure

DIN 17102 EStE315 Automotive Steel Steel grade Symbol Material number MaxSi Mn MaxAl Min Cr Max Cu Max Mo Max Ni Max Nb Max Ti Max MaxNb+Ti+V Max StE255 WStE255 TStE255 EStE255 1.0461 1.0462 1.0463 1.1103 0.18 0.18 0.16 0.16 0.40Max 0.50 1.300.020 0.020 0.30 0.20 0.08 0.30 0.03 0.05StE285 WStE285 TStE285 EStE285 1.0486 1 DIN 17102 EStE315 folder stahl st52 3 4f - patrimoine steel SupplierWelcome to buy folder stahl st52 3 4f,carbon steel plate folder stahl st52 3 4f - BUY STEEL PLATE - energizeyourlife.nl. Katalor provide you the latest folder stahl st52 3 4f Steel Prices, Steel Suppliers, Quick Quotes, steel news, REAL Customer Orders Photos and even more. folder stahl st52 3 4f more detail news about Steel From Chnia, you just visit this Chinese Steel site.

Machining Materials Guide - Best Steel for Machining Cox

Machining Materials Guide. Moderate strength and low-stress applications. Plain low carbon steel, poor machinability but good formability and weldability. Case harden only. Strength, impact resistance and higher tensile strength. Designed for excellent machinability. Case hard only. Designed for good machinability. Case harden only.