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AT Cooling Tower EVAPCO

Industrial Process. Product Images. Crafted from decades of engineering know-how, the Advanced Technology (AT) cooling towers series from EVAPCO features state-of-the-art induced draft, counterflow technology to deliver superior operating advantages in any climate. From performance to maintenance, they simply work smarter. BK Cooling Tower Retrofit - ICS CoolingApart from a serious safety hazzard, fan failures can cause large amounts of damage to your cooling tower. Drift eliminators, fan cylinders, distribution components etc can all be affected and cause costly repairs. We can supply fans of all sizes to suit your cooling tower, condenser or

CF80Max Brentwood - Cooling Tower Cellular Drift Eliminator

CF80MAx is designed for applications requiring very low drift levels in counterflow cooling towers, evaporative cooling systems, turbine intake hoods, and scrubbers. With field-verified drift test results of 0.0004% per CTI Standard 140 (the industry standard for testing cooling tower drift), there is no need to use double layers of drift Cooling Towers 420.10-SED1 - Antaya Engineered Salesincreases in cooling tower longevity. Hot dip galvanized after fabrication tower panels are a prudent investment in the life of your cooling tower. Reliable Year-Round Operation The IMC series cooling tower is well suited for winter opera-tion. The induced draft counterflow design encases the wet fill section, isolating it from freezing winds. DE-97 Blade Drift EliminatorA. The drift modules shall be carefully cut or trimmed to fit within 1/4 inch (or less) of any obstruction or sidewall to prevent air bypass. B. The driftmodules shall be conveyed to the top of the tower by mechanicalconveyor or crane. Cranes shall be used or conveyors shall be constructed as necessary to

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Starting from preformed PVC sheets, these eliminators are prefabricated in handy blolocks for ready insertion in the cooling tower and for easy removal for inspection of the water distribution. Thanks to the irrectagular, modular form and to ease of cutting, an exact coverage of Modular Cooling Towers Welltech Cooling Towers The eliminator is of rigid PVC (Applicable for square type cooling tower). The individual drift eliminators of S-shaped corrugated sheets are bonded with subsequent layers to create the structure. The entire area is thus divided into several fine S shaped mini zones each removing water droplets on the entire surface of the cell. STAR Cooling Towers Cooling Tower Hardware Expert Applications. The CF80MAx is designed for applications requiring very low drift levels in counterflow Cooling Towers, Evaporative Cooling systems, Turbine Intake Hoods, and Scrubbers, providing the best drift removal efficiency. With field-verified drift test results of .0004% per CTI Standard 140 (the industry standard for testing of cooling

Series 1500 Cooling Tower Specification

mechanical vibration cut out switch will be guaranteed to trip at a point so as not to cause damage to the cooling tower. To ensure this, the trip point will be a frequency range of 0 to 3,600 RPM and a trip point of 0.2 to 2.0 gs. (Alternate) 7.3 Vibration Cutout Switch:Provide electronic remote reset vibration cellular drift eliminator module with corrugated sheetCELLULAR DRIFT ELIMINATORS - Industrial Cooling Solutions. a series of sinusoidal-shaped, corrugated, CTI STD-136, PVC sheets that are All Brentwood Cellular Drift Eliminator modules the adjoining sheets tabs. Get Price. manufacturer of evaporative cooling towers Available in all sizes and sheet spacings to use with any cooling tower and most water conditions. Easy installation; no separate purchase and installation of louvers and drift eliminators required. State-of-the-art featureS excellent build quality CWT towers are built to excel under the toughest conditions.

Air Inlet Lovers & Drift Eliminator for Brand Cooling Towers

The cooling tower industry uses drift rate to compare drift eliminator performance, a relationship that correlates droplet capture efficiency to the water circulation rate in a tower. RUIDs drift eliminators are specifically designed to achieve maximum drift removal efficiency in both crossflow and counterflow tower applications with various