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Basics of Laser Cutting (Knowledge You Must Know)

The plasma cloud consists of ionized metal vapor and ionized cutting gas. The plasma cloud absorbs the energy of the CO2 laser and converts it into the workpiece, allowing more energy to be coupled to the workpiece, which melts the metal faster and making the cutting faster. CO2 Laser Engraving, Non-metal Sheet Laser Cutting MachineJun 30, 2021 · CO2 laser engraving, non-metal sheet laser cutting machine,CO2 laser cutting machine iGL-BM, high-precision multi-material

China 1500 Watt Laser Cutting Machine Co2 Laser Cutting

1500 Watt Laser Cutting Machine Co2 Laser Cutting Machine for MDF Board / Acrylic / Stainless Steel /CS / Aluminum Vtop Fiber Laser Detail:Machine Description GRF-1530 Adopts with high power Germany Rofin CO2RF Laser generator both cut metal and non-metal materals, anti-reflecting device, with steel girder structure with stable and larger China Metal Co2 Laser, Metal Co2 Laser Manufacturers 9013 Metal and Non- Metal CO2 Laser Cutting Machine for Cutting Metal Steel Acrylic Wood MDF. FOB Price:US $ 9790-9990 / set. Min. Order:1 set. Application:Leather Industry, Domestic, Carpentry, Construction Industry, Molds & Dies, Crafts Industr, Advertising Industry, More Work. Fiber laser vs. CO2 laser:The Ultimate Guide MachineMfgComparison of processing speed between CO2 laser cutting machine and fiber laser cutting machine in processing stainless steel. All laser outputs are 4kW. We can see that in the field of plate thickness of 4.0 mm or less, the fiber laser cutting machine is able to process at 2 to 3 times the cutting speed of the CO2 laser cutting machine.

How Does a Laser Cutter Cut? CO2 and Fibre Comparison

Jan 21, 2020 · Today, the fibre laser is significantly quicker when cutting thin metals. CO2 still beats fibre when cutting thicker materials (10 mm and more) with its better edge quality. Altogether, the future seems bright for fibre lasers. Manufacturing is a traditional industry where changes take a long time. Laser Cutting Machine - Laser Engraver & Laser CutterFiber laser cutting machine. Co2 laser engraving cutting machine. Laser marking machine. Follow on Twitter Subscribe to RSS Feed. Add:Room 1625 Rongsheng Bldg No. 1, Erhuan East Road, Jinan, Shandong, China 25000. Tel:0086-0531-86557056. What Can A CO2 Laser Cut, Etch, Or Mark? - Boss Laser BlogJul 29, 2015 · The wavelength of CO2 laser is 10.6 micrometers. In this wavelength, aluminum is extremely bright and reflective. Aluminum also does a very good job of dispersing heat, this trait also makes it more difficult to cut than steel. Mirrors should not be cut with a laser.

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High Cutting Speed:cutting speed is 2-3 times than same power cnc laser cutting machine. Widely used in advertising board, metal plate structure, Hv/lv electrical ark production, textile machinery parts, kitchen utensils, car, machinery, elevator, electric parts, spring coil slice, subway line spare parts, etc. 2.Widely used in kitchine appliance, electrical control box, mechanical equipment Considerations when Marking Metal with a Laser - Epilog Laser

  • Laser DifferencesTypes of MarksMaterial ConsiderationsBest of Both WorldsLaser Cutting Thickness Guide on Laser Power, Lens and 80W/90W CO2 Laser Tube http://am.za/ Our TruCUT 90W CO2 Laser is suitable for laser marking, laser cutting and laser engraving which is the ideal choice of laser cut on thin plates include perspex, softwood etc, http://am.za/ laser cloth cutting and marble marking. 100W CO2 Laser