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Gray Iron Gray iron was the original "cast iron", and is an iron alloy characterized by its relatively high carbon content (usually 2% to 4%). When molten cast iron solidifies some of the carbon precipitates as graphite, forming tiny, irregular flakes within the crystal structure of the metal. Fe Fe3c Phase Diagram - Wiring DiagramThe fe c phase diagram is a fairly complex one but we will only consider the steel part of the diagram up to around 7 carbon. Transforms to fcc gaustenite at 912 c ¾austenitesolid solution of c in fcc fe transforms to bcc ferrite at 1395 c is not stable below the eutectic temperature 727 c. Iron carbon phase diagram.

Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram Explained [with Graphs]

  • What Are Phase Diagrams?Iron-Carbon Phase DiagramDifferent PhasesPhase transformations and phase diagrams [SubsTech]Jun 26, 2017 · The typical diagram of this type is illustrated by the figure below. The diagram has two curves liquidus (equilibrium conditions of liquid phase with first solid crystals primary crystals) and solidus (equilibrium conditions of last liquid with nearly complete solid). Consider solidification of an alloy with concentration C.When the alloy temperature is higher than T L, single liquid Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram Its defined as:- A map of the Iron- Carbon diagram shows 1- the type of alloys formed under very slow cooling. 2- Proper or ( suitable ) heat-treatment temperature . 3- the properties of steels and cast irons can be depend on changed by heat-treatment. In their simplest form, steels are alloys of Iron (Fe) and Carbon (C). Notes:- This graph, which is known as iron- carbon equilibrium diagram has the following important points:- Lecture 19:Eutectoid Transformation in Steels:a typical the iron-carbon alloy system. A sample of the eutectoid composition is cooled from a single-phase region () to a temperature (T) below the eutectoid temperature (T E). The following diagram shows a part of the iron-carbon phase diagram. Concentrations C 1, C 2, C 3, C 4 are various equilibrium ( stable as well as metastable ) concentrations

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    Jan 05, 2013 · Extractive metallurgy. Steel making. Foundry technologies. Metal forming technologies. Heat treatment technologies. Powder metallurgy. Coating technologies. Metal joining technologies (welding, brazing, soldering) Steels and cast irons. Unit Quiz - The Iron-Carbon SystemUnit Quiz - The Iron-Carbon System Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. Use the diagram to answer the following questions ____ 1. According to the diagram, point b is which of the following? a. Iron Carbide c. A hypereutectoid steel b. Alpha Iron d. A hypoeutectoid steel ____ 2.iron-carbon_diagram.png [SubsTech] Back to Iron-carbon phase diagram. Filename:iron-carbon_diagram.png Format:PNG Size:89KB