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BS1139 Scaffolding Tube Manufacturer of Oil &Gas Companies

BS1139 Scaffolding Tubes. Wellmade is a BS1139 Scaffolding Tubes Manufacturer. It is Famous How heavy is a scaffold tube? - FindAnyAnswerFeb 16, 2020 · A galvanised scaffold tubes outside diameter is 48.3mm with a 4mm wall thickness. This is the standard diameter and thickness size for all of the scaffold tube lengths we have for sale.


Oct 10, 2019 · Joins two scaffold tubes having an outside diameter of 48.3mm at right angles. Tightening nuts suit standard Scaffold Spanner (23mm A/F). Replaceable T bolts, nuts and washers. Robust design made from drop forged steel or Pressed Steel for durability and reliability. Scaffold Depot Scaffolding Supplier to North America3 rows · Apr 22, 2014 · Product Description. SD 1.9 OD Aluminum Scaffold Tube is available in lengths up to 20 feet. Scaffold Specification Template - NASCScaffold Specification Template _____ Issue Date:5th April 2016 Page 4 of 20 Contents Page No. 1. APPLICATION 5 1.1 Tube & Fitting Scaffolding 5 1.2 System Scaffolding 5 1.3 Lightweight Mobile Tower 5 2. REGULATIONS, CODES OF PRACTICE & BEST PRACTICE 6 3.

Scaffolding Tube Steel Scaffold Tubes

70- (2.13 Metre) 4mm Wall - Scaffold Tube (Galv) - 48.3mm o/d From £15.12 (inc.VAT) 60- (1.8 Metre) 4mm Wall - Scaffold Tube (Galv) - 48.3mm o/d From £12.96 (inc.VAT) 50- (1.52 Metre) 4mm Wall - Scaffold Tube (Galv) - 48.3mm o/d From £10.74 (inc.VAT) 5ft Scaffolding Tubes Scaffolding Pipes Scaffolding Poles Scaffolding Tube Steel Tube is supplied in 48.3mm Outside Diameters (O/D) and is manufactured to BS EN 1139 European standard. Scaffolding Tube - Steel Tube is Hot Dipped Galvanised to BS EN 10240 standards and has a wall Thickness of 4.0mm. Scaffolding tubes for homemade furniture construction Make these tables with scaffold tubes 42 mm. in diameter. That will make the frames very strong, therefore you will have no need for extra strengthening. Nevertheless you can still use the same construction drawings for tubes that are thinner. But in that case the scaffold tube


Tubing shall be high strength, structural steel tubing and shall be 1.90 inch / 48,3mm outside diameter and.095 inch / 2,41 mm minimum wall thickness for 2 inch designated size, and 2.375 inch / 60,3mm outside diameter and.154 inch / 3,9mm minimum wall thickness for 2-1/2 inch / 60mm designated size.