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Jun 26, 2021 · Today, i own the Mcintosh C1100 2 chassis tube preamp which sounds unbelievable. All the amps i just described above have been amps that i auditioned with the C1100 as a preamp. The MC601s sound great without a doubt, but i will say that if you are looking for THE BEST sound for the money, these would not be it. B&K Components Reference 5 S2 Stereo Preamplifier - The Another feature this preamp has, is the blue display that allows the user to see (even from my chair) what source is selected ie. video 1, cd,tuner (built in), etc. Adjustable brightness, the display is alphanumeric, and each source except for the tuner can even be renamed by the user." - User Review. Product Specifications. Reviews:User Reviews

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The C-2101/2102 indeed are good, but nothing one must have. Forget about Sansui C-77, C-1000 and AX-7 (last is good as input selector, for microphone recordings, as mixer or much more, but not an audiophile pre). Best regards. Tom Frantzen, STEREO magazine. BeatleFred. Posted 1123697869. Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler Digital Upscaler Chord Electronics Hugo M Scaler. £ 3,495.00 inc.VAT. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 2 customer ratings. ( 2 customer reviews) Using technology first seen in the flagship BLU MKII digital/CD transport, the Hugo M Scaler is a standalone upscaling device containing the worlds most advanced digital filter. When used with a dual-BNC-input Chord McIntosh Labs C53 Preamplifier Review - Reviews Feb 06, 2020 · McIntosh Labs C53 Preamplifier Review. Followers 1. Amazing. Pretty much the first word that came to mind when I first saw McIntosh Labs latest preamplifier, the freshly updated C53 two channel solid state design. A whopping 16 inputs (9 analog and 7 digital), a built in MC/MM dual input phono stage, a dedicated HXD crossfeed headphone

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Using the 220 with McIntoshs C50 preamplifier improves things even further, thanks to the C50s built-in graphic equalizer, which allows you to fine-tune the MEN220s audio achievements. After a few different setups, we realized that bumping the room knowledge index above 92% eliminates the need for the onboard EQ in the C50. New McIntosh MA252 Audiogon Discussion ForumAug 01, 2019 · I think the new MA252 is very strange gear although its an hybrid the SS section doesnt include the famous output autoformers Mcintosh is knowing for also its low weight is ringing a bell here ,I certainly think the MC275 is much better option if you prefer tube or MC152 +D150 if SS . rchrdvzq. Details. Discussions. New McIntosh MHA200 Headphone amp Page 29 Jun 26, 2021 · Then near one tick before 12 noon, it goes from nothing to I can clearly hear at normal volume within 1.5 ticks. Turn it towards 1 o'clock and it gets way too loud. I am lucky I can dial down my source to less than line out levels to give me less sensitivity. This, McIntosh should do better or not even have a volume knob.

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Jun 01, 2019 · The challenge for Ayre's Charley Hansen was formidable. Having already designed a world-class preamplifierthe highly acclaimed $7100 K-1 (see Wes Phillips' review in March 1997)Hansen set out to offer audiophiles "80 to 90%" of the K-1's sound and build quality at a price more of them can afford.Not that the new K-3 is a piece of "budget" gear. TECHNICS SL-1200G:AN AUDIOPHILE REVIEW - The

  • Sound QualityConclusionRating:8Astell&Kern AK500N MQS Network Audio Player - The Astell&Kern AK500N MQS Network Audio Player. Korean firm Astell&Kern began its involvement with high-end audio by manufacturing advanced portable music players, from its $499 AK Jr through the premium AK380. Capable of playing native DSD and carrying a $3495 price, the latter is reportedly a spectacular implementation of a portable music player.Anyone own or heard of PrimaLuna? Audiogon Discussion May 22, 2020 · ProLogue Premium preamplifier is not a perfect match Atma-sphere m60 mono block amps, too much noise coming out of the preamp. I got gears like power conditioning, shielded rca cables, auto transformers and even re-wire my electrical cables to a earth grounding.