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Effect of micro graphite particles on the microstructure

Jun 27, 2021 · In the present research, the effect of micron sized graphite addition on the microstructure and tensile failure of Al6061 alloy has been studied. The Al6061 alloy metal matrix composites reinforced with 6, 9 and 12 varying weight percentages of graphite particles were fabricated by novel two step stir cast route which helps in improving the wettability of Al6061 alloy matrix with graphite Effect of microstructural heterogeneity on the mechanical A. Mechanical behavior of textured and nontextured films. The stressstrain response of a representative specimen from each film is shown in Fig. 2. To highlight the effect of microstructural heterogeneity, the deformation response of films with similar thickness is plotted together.

Experimental Investigations on Microstructure, Mechanical

Apr 17, 2021 · The microstructural analysis was studied using field emission scanning electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction analysis. With uniform dispersion and good interfacial bonding between the aluminum and silicon carbide, the mechanical properties were found to be enhanced significantly. Friction Stir Welding of Al Alloys:Analysis of Processing Many processing conditions and materials properties affect the microstructural evolution and mechanical behavior of the produced joints. The main parameters involved in the welding process have been studied and the results presented in the present paper. The fatigue life and crack behavior of several aluminum alloys FSW joints have been presented. The Effects of H2SO4 on the Mechanical Behavior and Feb 21, 2018 · At the completion of each mechanical test, a microstructural analysis was performed on thin sections taken from posttest compression and tension specimens.

Mechanical behavior and microstructural analysis of NiTi

Jul 01, 2017 · Mechanical behavior and microstructural analysis of NiTi-40Au shape memory alloys exhibiting work output above 400 °C Author links open overlay panel Lee Casalena a Glen S. Bigelow b Yipeng Gao a Othmane Benafan b Ronald D. Noebe b Yunzhi Wang a Michael J. Mills a