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Belleville washers (also called Belleville Washers, Disc Springs, Spring Washers, Conical Washers, Cupped Spring Washers, or Conical Spring Washers) are used to add a layer of vibration resistance and pre load to a bolt assembly. Belleville Conical Washers 18-8 Stainless SteelAlso referred to as Belleville Washers, Disc Springs, Spring Washers, Conical Washers, Cupped Spring Washers, or Conical Spring Washers. Used to apply a flexible pre-load to a bolted joint or bearing. Corrosion resistant 18-8 stainless steel. Can be used in a stack below the

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Belleville Disc Springs. Among the most widely used tension generating washers. Belleville washers enhance load or deflection values through stacking. Belleville Disc Washer Description, Design Considerations &. Load/Deflection Data The effect of crown height to load/deflection values is reviewed. Enhancing load or deflection values Belleville Washers Boker's, Inc.Belleville washers, also called Belleville spring washers, conical spring washers and spherical spring washers, have a truncated spherical form. With a small deflection range Belleville washers provide a very high load capacity often used to solve spring problems of high loads, limited space and small deflections. Belleville Washers Manufacturers & Suppliers Mumbai, IndiaBelleville washers also called conical spring washers are manufactured and are designed specifically for Heavy Duty Bolted section such as Bus Bars, Transformers, Rectifiers, Heat Exchangers, Transmission, etc. These washers are intended to counteract the effect of setting which results in

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Leveraging on our industry experience of many years, we have established ourselves as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of Fastener Washers. Our wide gamut consists of Plain Washers, Spring Washers and Multi Tooth Star Lock Washers.Besides these, we also offer Fan Disk Serrated Lock Washers, Wave Washers, Conical Spring Disc Belleville Washers, Machined Washers, Sheet Metal Compression Washer, Flange Washers, Conical Washers QuoteBelleville Disc Springs. Governed by the specifications outlined in the European DIN EN 16984/16983 (formerly DIN 2092/2093), they are engineered and manufactured to perform as needed in the most arduous dynamically loaded spring applications. Conical Spring Washers Belleville Washers, 5/16Jun 25, 2021 · Conical Spring Washers, Belleville Washers or Disc Springs are names for a type of spring washer that is a conically shaped disc that deflects (flattens) at a given rate. Conical Spring Washers washers have a high spring rate and can produce extremely high loads in a small area. 47 results, (click on any line for more information)

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From Belleville springs, disc springs, spring washers, safety washers, or load washers, our large inventory of standard sizes are always available for same day shipment from our facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Schnorr is an ISO 9001 & TS 16949 certified manufacturer of conical spring washers. Click the icon to view our current certifications. Why Choose Us? Key BellevillesKey Bellevilles Inc. designs and manufactures only Belleville Disc springs also known as Belleville Washers, Conical Disc Springs, and Conical Washers. Our extensive experience lead us to design our complete line of Bellevilles disc springs for high temperatures application up to 1200 degrees (F), many of which are stock items.Imperial Washer Belleville Spring Washers Conical WasherBelleville spring washers are used in many simple as well as highly engineered applications. One of the most common applications for a conical disc spring is a bolted joint. One of the keys to having a sound bolted joint is that some minimum preload must be maintained. If the preload falls below this minimum, then the joint will fail.