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Nov 19, 2013 · High Speed Steel Special alloy steel used for high-speed cutting and turning tools, as lathe bits; so named because any tools made of it are able to remove metal much faster than tools of ordinary steel. High Strength Cast Iron Cast gray iron with Common Mechanical Engineering TermsGage blocks Precision machined (n) steel blocks having two flat, parallel surfaces whose separation distance is fabricated to a guaranteed accuracy of a few millionths of an inch; Gear Hobbing (v) A special form of manufacturing that cuts gear tooth geometries. It is the major industrial process for cutting involute form spur gears of.

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2004. Thanks, Bill. The need for some kind of abbreviation for stainless steel will vary by context, but if someone writes a letter to us and they want help with passivating type 304 stainless steel plates, the subject line of the letter can't be "Need 304 plates passivated", although "Need 304SST plates passivated" would suffice; "Need type 304 plates passivated" might do, but not as well. Glossary of Mining Terms - SECBall mill - A steel cylinder filled with steel balls into which crushed ore is fed. The ball mill is rotated, causing the balls to cascade and grind the ore. Banded iron formation - A bedded deposit of iron minerals. Basalt - An extrusive volcanic rock composed primarily of How to Calculate MBF of Lumber HunkerThe board-foot (BF) is a unit of volume that specifically measures lumber. It is an estimate of the volume of raw lumber and is primarily used in the United States and Canada, although the term "super foot" (superficial foot) is used in Australia and New Zealand for the same unit of measure.

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bf :bottom:bot:fabricated:fab:bottom of pipe:bop:face of flange:fof:british standard:bs :british standard pipe thread:bspt:feet or ft:butt weld:bw:flange:flg:butterfly:butfy:flat face:ff :field weld:fw:car sealed closed:csc:finished floor elevation:ffl:car sealed open:cso :carbon steel:cs :centimeter:cm:gasket:gskt:centre to centre:c to c:gear operated:go:centre line ¢ grade:gr SFM to RPM [ Easy Guide to Surface Speed / SFM in SFM to RPM [Easy Guide to Surface Speed/SFM in Machining] How can we convert SFM to RPM? What is SFM? You dont have to be fooling around with machining or CNC long to come across the abbreviation SFM and not long after youll see converting SFM to RPM is a standard part of Feeds and Speeds calculations.. In this article Ill explain this useful concept. Saw Blade Terminology - Tools TodaySaw Blade Terminology. The following are common terms associated with Saw Blades. Please use these explanations to assist you in choosing the correct Saw Blade for your application. 1. TOOTH CONFIGURATIONS. FLAT TOP. (FT) Used on saw blades for cutting soft and hardwood along the grain (ripping). ALTERNATE TOP BEVEL.

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The edge of the property, especially the corners, is usually marked using a boundary survey monument or a steel rod. Related:Planning and Zoning. Source. Common Abbreviations. Due to the nature of the surveyors work, especially when marking maps, flags, and tags, acronyms and other abbreviations are often used. These abbreviations can be as What is the abbreviation for Mild Steel?Looking for the abbreviation of Mild Steel? Find out what is the most common shorthand of Mild Steel on Abbreviations! The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations Glossary of Terms/ Definitions Commonly Used in - SteelBlast Furnace (BF) Coke:The term is used to refer to such Met Coke which is used for iron making in BF. BF coke fulfills 3 main functions in the blast furnace operation: