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Afghanistans doctors braced for rapid spread of India

May 25, 2021 · Afghanistans doctors braced for rapid spread of India Covid variant This article is more than 1 month old The country has no testing capacity for Taliban gains drive Afghanistan govt to arm local Jun 25, 2021 · In recent days, the Taliban, which rejects the elected government and seeks to install an Islamic one, has made quick gains in Afghanistans north, overrunning multiple districts, some of

The US decision to withdraw from Afghanistan is the right one

  • Strategic Priorities and LiabilitiesThe Hard Ground Realities in AfghanistanNATO and PakistanThe Bleak Outlook in AfghanistanA Major Tactical Error and Way ForwardThe U.S. primary objective in Afghanistan since 2001 has been to degrade the threat of terrorism against the United States and its allies. That basic goal was accomplished a decade ago:Al-Qaidas capabilities are a fraction of what they used to be. The Islamic State in Khorasan (ISK) continues to operate in Afghanistan, but the Taliban has been fighting ISK assiduously. However, perpetually bad governance in Afghanistan has undermined stability and allowed the Taliban to entrench itself. While the Taliban too iIs the U.S. Going the Way of Afghanistan? AIERFeb 27, 2021 · Actually, Afghan democracy is one of the most brazen shams of U.S. foreign policy in this century. Since the U.S. invasion in 2001, the federal government has spent more than $600 million to support elections and democratic procedures in Afghanistan (part of the $ 143 billion the U.S. spent there for relief and reconstruction there). Today's D Brief:US strikes militias in Iraq, Syria 1 day ago · The U.S. militarys withdrawal from Afghanistan, a remarkable note, really, and a fraught milestone that officials have said for weeks is possible as early as mid-July (see, e.g., New York Times U.S. forces leave key Afghanistan military baseMay 14, 2021 · U.S. forces have left one of the largest military bases in Afghanistan, according to three defense officials. The Kandahar Airfield was turned over to the Afghan

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    • Languages of AfghanistanDari, The Official Language of AfghanistanPashto, The Second Official Language of AfghanistanRegional Languages Spoken in AfghanistanMinor Languages Spoken in AfghanistanMurder in Room 117:How the assassination of one of Apr 23, 2021 · Murder in Room 117:How the assassination of one of Americas top diplomats helped ignite Afghanistans war. On the morning of 14 February 1979, a group of armed Afghans commandeered the car of Adolph Spike Dubs, U.S. ambassador to Kabul. They forced his driver to take the diplomat to the downtown Hotel Kabul where they held him hostage.Afghanistan Country Facts and History
      • Capital and Major CitiesAfghanistan GovernmentAfghanistan PopulationOfficial LanguagesReligionGeographyClimateEconomyHistory of AfghanistanOne UN for Afghanistan 1 January 2018 31 December 2021One UN for Afghanistan 1 January 2018 31 December 2021 Between the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the United Nations in Afghanistan 27 March 2018