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International Cross Reference Chart - National Bronze & Metals, Inc. Alloy (UNS) RWMA ASTM SAE AMS FEDERAL (QQ) MIL JIS BS EN DIN ASME Alloy (UNS) C10100 B-133 B-152 F68 C-502 C-576 C10100 C10200 B-187 J461 J463 4501 4602 SB133 SB152 C10200 BS1400 LB4 CuSn5Pb9 Leaded BronzeA continuous cast leaded tin bronze to BS1400 LB4 CuSn5Pb9, conforming to BS EN 1982:2008 GC CC494K CuSn5Pb9-C. A general bearing alloy with moderate strength and reasonable ductility working under low loads in non-critical applications. The lead content

Bronze Standards. ASTM, EN1982 and other international

EN1982. DIN. JIS. AS. ISO. We serve our clients needs throughout the world and export to the five continents. We manufacture bronzes and high tensile brasses that comply strictly with any international standard and supply in inches or millimetres. You can browse some of the most requested bronzes and high tensile brasses. C51000 Phosphor Bronze "5% A" Aviva MetalsC51000 Phosphor Bronze "5% A" EN equivalent isåÊCuSn5 ASTM B139, QQ-B750, SAE J461. C51000 Phosphor Bronze alloy possess a higher yield strength than is readily available in most cast products. Typical applications for phosphor bronze include bearings, bushings, gears, pinions, shafts, thrust washers and valve parts. C54400 Alloy, C544 Phosphor Bronze - Concast MetalPhosphor bronze alloys such as C54400, also known as C544, consist of copper with 0.5011.00% tin and 0.010.35% phosphorus. The tin increases the corrosion resistance and strength of the alloy. The phosphorus increases the wear resistance and stiffness of the alloy. These alloys are notable for their toughness, strength, low coefficient of

CuSn8-JIS C5210/C52100 Phosphor Bronze

C52100 Details & Applications:C52100 Phosphor Bronze. CuSn8 - UNS.C52100 Phosphor Bronze Alloys, which is a 8% tin bronze distinguished by a very good combination of strength and electrical conductivity.It is used for connector and current-carrying springs in contacts. Among the 4-8% tin bronze C52100 exhibits the lowest electrical conductivity, the highest reachable strength is significantly International Cross Reference - Magellan MetalsU.S.A. Germany. Germany. France. Japan. Italy. Sweden. U.K. European Union. Spain. Russia. AISI. DIN 17006. W.N.17007. AFNOR. JIS. UNI. SIS. BSI. EURONORM. UNE. GOST JIS VALVE & FLANGEworldwidemetric PRODUCT Bronze Bronze Brass BC6 BC6 C3771BD Manufactured in accordance to JIS F7400 Flanges as per JIS B2220 - 5K or 16K SERIES F7301- JIS 5K Bronze Globe Valve Nominal Pressure 5K 16K Hydraulic Body 12kg 38kg Inspection Seat 8kg 23kg Screwed Bonnet for sizes 15A-40A Bolted Bonnet for sizes 50A-65A 5 SERIES F7303 - JIS 16K Bronze Globe Valve


aisi/sae jis w-nr. din bs en afnor uni une ss gb a570.36 stkm 12a stkm 12c 1.0038 rst.37-2 4360 40 c e 24-2 ne 1311 15 1015 1.0401 c15 080m15 cc12 c15, c16 f.111 1350 15 1020 1.0402 c22 050a20 2c cc20 c20, c21 f.112 1450 20 1213 sum22 1.0715 9smn28 230m07 1a s250 cf9smn28 Material Conversion Table - iTradersGray Iron Castings (KS D 4301) 2. Spheroidal Graphite (Ductile) Iron Castings (KS D 4302) 3. Carbon Steel Castings (KS D 4101) 4. Stainless Steel Castings (KS D 4103) 5. Bronze Castings (KS D 6010) Name BC6 bronze LG2 bronze JIS BC6 /BC6C ASTM Name BC6 bronze LG2 bronze Grade BC6 JIS BC6 /BC6C ASTM C83600 BS(1400) LG2 DIN CuSn5ZnPb Description General purpose bronze bearings are manufactured from continuous cast bronze, conforming to AS1565 grade C83600 (BS1400LG2). Electrical Switches, Electrical Components Fasteners Screw Down Nuts, Screw Down Nuts

SAE 64 CuSn10Pb10 Leaded Bronze

Equivalent Specifications BS 1400 LB2 ASTM B 505 C93700 ASTM B 271 C93700 ASTM B 584 C93700 AMS 4842 AMS 4827 SAE J461 SAE 64 QQ-C-390 Copper Alloys are specialist suppliers & manufacturers of leaded bronze alloys. Take a look at our wide selection including SAE 64 & CuSn10Pb10. Equivalent Specifications BS 1400 LB2 ASTM B 505 C93700 ASTM B Brass and Bronze Standard Casting Alloys Chart of Brass and Bronze Standard Casting Alloys Chart of Specifications Military Current C-22229 Gr2 C-15345 Gr3 C-22229 Gr9 C-22229 Gr8 C-22229 Gr7 C-22229 Gr4 C-22229 Gr1 B-16541 C-15345 Gr10 C-15345 Gr12 C-22229 Gr3 C-22229 Gr5 C-15345 Gr13 C-22229 Gr8 C-20159 Gr2 C-20159 Gr1 C-15345 Gr7 C-17112 Military Superceded B-16444GrA B-16540 GrC