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A Sub-MOA Takedown .30-06 Lever Action? The Browning

  • SpecsThe Setupat The BenchOpinions, Observations and Other ThoughtsBLR Lightweight 81 Stainless Takedown - BrowningThe BLR Lightweight 81 Stainless is ready to take on the toughest hunting conditions you (and Mother Nature) can dish out. The satin finish on the laminated gray hardwood stock, the satin-nickel finish on the receiver and the matte finish on the stainless barrel mean no reflections will spook your trophy buck. BLR Lightweight Takedown with Pistol Grip - BrowningThe richly blued steel finish on all external surfaces is a stunning reflection of the gunmakers art. The takedown models of the BLR are unique, allowing you to simply flip a finger lever, twist the receiver and barrel 90 degrees and instantly separate the two parts for space saving storage or easy transportation, even in a backpack or

    Browing BLR - accuracy vs. bolt actions in .308 or .270

    Sep 23, 2005 · Browing BLR - accuracy vs. bolt actions in My three steel frame short action BLR's will do just fine. My 33 year old (used then) .308, after load development, will keep the first three well under .75 inches at 100yds. My .223 and .257 never had any serious load work, just picked one, and stay at Browning BLR 81 Stainless Takedown Review American Nov 22, 2010 · We tested the BLR Lightweight 81 Stainless Takedown for accuracy with a variety of loads and a conventionally mounted scope, in this case a Browning BLR Lightweight and Henry Long Ranger comparedThe BLR is supplied with a wide, gold finished, aluminum alloy trigger with a grooved face. The Long Ranger comes with a medium width, blued steel trigger with a smooth face. The Browning trigger has a tighter curve that may be favored by those with thin fingers, while the Henry's more open trigger curve may be favored by those with thick fingers.

    Browning® BLR Lightweight Stainless Lever-Action Rifle w

    Button rifled stainless steel barrel with target crown Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum receiver with nickel finish Beautiful black walnut stock with pistol grip and Schnabel forearmThe checkered pistol grip and Schnabel forearm gives the BLR Lightweight a comfortable feel and unique look. The receiver is made of aircraft-grade alloy with a satin nickel finish; the stock is w Compared:Deer Rifles in the Field - CHUCKHAWKS.COMLike the Browning, the Henry ejects to the right side and has a solid top receiver that is drilled and tapped for scope bases. The receiver is machined from aluminum alloy and given a matte black finish, while the barrel, lever and small steel parts are blued. The action operates as smooth as, well, a Henry rifle usually does. Considering a Browning BLR The High RoadDec 31, 2012 · Browning had nothing to do with the BLR. The rifles are accurate and generally reliable. With an alloy receiver they can be fairly light to carry. The only real complaint I have about them is that the action is difficult to take apart & get back together again.

    We Review the Henry Long Ranger Grand View Outdoors

    May 17, 2017 · Visually and mechanically, the Long Ranger has a lot in common with Brownings BLR. No slight to the BLR, but I personally think the Long Ranger is a much more attractive rifle. I prefer the Long Rangers sleeker lines and satin finish on the American walnut stock as well as its flush magazine release button and blued steel forend cap. gun barrels:stainless vs blued BladeForumsNov 08, 2016 · Stainless steel is corrosion resistant all the way through. I highly doubt either one has anything to do with the precision of a gun. That depends on the build quality and how it's maintained. Just like with knives, buy a brand you trust and a material that you personally enjoy. Sharp Guy. Gold Member. Joined Jan 6, 2016 modern cartridge lever guns with brass ( gun metal alloy Dec 14, 2016 · modern cartridge lever guns with brass ( gun metal alloy ) receivers. Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 52 Posts. Prev The most accurate lever I own is a toss up between my 1950's Savage 99 in 300SAVAGE and my all steel Miroku Browning BLR in 243. The Browning is seriously beautiful. LDBennett . Reactions:

    Browning BLR 81 old vs new Browning Owners

    Aug 30, 2014 · I own a BLR made in the 80's and it has a steel receiver. I also own a BLR take down that has an aluminum receiver. Both function flawlessly. I don't see any difference between the two except the take down is lighter when walking all day. Comparing a BLR to a Marlin isn't a good comparison. You get a wider range of calibers with a BLR.