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Purlin section must be continuous over the gable frame. 2.Maximum cantilever span is 30% of the backing span, but not greater than 3m. sections purlins, rails & eaves beamsThree depths of eaves beam are available. Folded indented sections with a maximum length of 10m are available in 200mm Eaves Beam Purlins Accord Steel CladdingOur flat faced eaves beams provide the top fixing for sheets and gutters. Eaves beams our available unpunched or with 18mm holes in our buttsystem and sleeved system layout*. Our flat faced eaves beams are manufactured from pre hot dipped galvanised steel coated to G275 Z39 providing a minimum yield of 390N/mm 2. Depth:200mm. Top flange:93mm

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Eaves Beam to side rail supports. Galvanised support bar joining the underside of the Eaves beam to the side rails. Bolted the same way at the side rail supports. Eaves Ties. Galvansied, tying the eaves beam to the first Z Purlin up the slope. The cleat connected to the eaves beam is at an angle (due to the pitch of the roof) so it will pick up C Section Albion SectionsUsed where purlin continuity over the rafters cannot be achieved, e.g. where the purlins are set within the depth of the rafter. The system is ideal for smaller spans. Albion C Section Cladding Rail Double span butt system Used where purlins may double span over the rafter. DESIGN MANUAL FOR PURLIN AND CLADDING RAIL EAVES BEAMS Speciallydesignedto combinethefunctionof purlin,claddingrailand guttersupportatthe eavesposition. Depths available:160and240mm C SECTIONS Avarietyofsections availableforuseas:Claddingrails Masonrywallrestraints Door/windowrestraints Parapetcappingrails. Depths available:90160mm, 127240mm 5 PANEL JOINT RAIL AND TOP HAT SECTIONS

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Steel Sections Eaves Beam is a purpose-designed profile for use as an eaves purlin, top sheeting rail and gutter support. We offer 2 profiles for our eaves beams, as recessed profile available in 190mm x 2.0mm thick and a flat faced range with the following depths available 190mm x 2.0mm, 235mm x 2.0mm, 265mm x 2.0mm and 265mm x 2.5mm thick all available with an angled top flange from 0 Purlin & Rail System Technical ManualEaves Beams 22 Dimensions 22 Section range 22 Standard Eaves Beam 22 Prepainted Eaves Beam 22 How to specify 22 Eaves Beam section properties 23 Anti sag for Eaves Beams 24 Eaves Beam components 25 dip zinc purlins and rails with enhanced anti corrosion and aesthetic properties. The range is produced with Zed Purlins - Steel Sections12-13 Zed Purlin - Butted 14-15 Zed Side Rails - Sleeved 16-17 Zed Side Rails - Butted 18 Cee Side Rails - Sleeved 19 Cee Side Rails - Butted 20-21 Eaves Beams 22 Mezzanine Floors Steel Sections is one of the leading independent manufacturers of rollformed section with over 40 years experience Steel Sections offer Zed Purlins, Cee Sections and

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eaves beam and a side sheeting rail Pages 31-34 EAVES BEAM SYSTEMS PURLIN SYSTEMS A complete range of roof cladding support systems including sleeved, butted, heavy end bay and unrestrained Pages 7-18 Hi-WALL SYSTEMS Introducing a new range of systems which quickly and efficiently create external walls and partition walls Pages 43-44 purlins, rails & eaves beamspurlins, rails & eaves beams A Steadman & Son Limited (usually known as Steadmans) are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of roofing and cladding, supplying high quality cladding materials from our sites in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We offer total roofing and cladding solutions which we deliver with our dedicated haulage fleet.purlins, rails & eaves beamsPurlins, Rails & Eaves Beams is also available from Steadmans upon request or as a download from our website. Steadmans realise that our standard range will not meet all requirements and therefore customer designed Zed, Cee and Eaves Beam sections can be manufactured along with individual designs for special applications.