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1/2" up to 23/32". 1/16". 3/4" up to 31/32". 3/32". 1" and over. 1/8". Example:a 9/16" punch punching through 1/2" thick mild steel would need 1/16" clearance. The die size would be 5/8". When ordering dies, refer to our die clearance calculator. Guide to Making Holes in Sheet Metal - How to Work With

    1. See full list on popularmechanicsMetalsDepot® - Buy Perforated Steel Sheet Online!Steel Perforated Sheet. Perforated Steel Sheet is a sheet product that has been punched with a wide variety of hole sizes and patterns providing an aesthetic appeal. Perforated Steel Sheet offers savings in weight, passage of light, liquid, sound and air, while providing a decorative or ornamental effect. Perforated Steel Sheets are common in interior and exterior design.

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      Stainless Steel 2 to 1 This means that if the material being punched is.078 (2.0) thick aluminum, it is reasonable to punch a.059 (1,50) diameter hole with the above listed styles of tooling. If the material being punched is.078 (2,00) thick mild steel the smallest punch that is recommended is.078 (2,00) diameter (or wide shape). How to Calculate Punching Force (Formula & Tonnage Jan 20, 2021 · Perimeter = 20×4 = 80mm. Thickness = 3mm. Shear Strength = 0.3447kn/mm 2. Punch Force (KN) = 80 x 3 x 0.3447 = 82.728 KN Convert into tonnage:82.728 KN ÷ 9.81 = 8.43 Ton. For more details about the shearing strength including how to calculate Hydraulic punch drivers and knockout punches icotekHydraulic punch driver for cut-outs on V2A stainless steel, sheet steel, aluminium or plastics. Suitable for round and rectangular punches. Also available with knockout die sets metric M16 - M63. » Punch

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      Thin sheet from 0.3mm tin plate and spring stainless steel right up to 20mm thick material steel is possible all on one laser cutting machine Complex shapes in sheet metal can be laser cut very fast and cleanly with the Trumpf 3030 fiber laser cutter Pegasus Steel - Laser Cutting Plasma Cutting Steel Established in 1994, Pegasus Steel offers professional steel processing services, working with sheet and plate in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Sophisticated, precision-calibrated cutting and forming technology is utilised for large-format to small-format projects, and everywhere in between. Laser cutting, machine router, heavy and light CNC bending, high-definition plasma cutting, rolling, punching and saw cutting The formula for successful punching

      • Tooling DesignDie ClearanceSlug InspectionSimple MaintenanceHand Hydraulic Punch Drivers and Knockout Punches icotekRectangular and square punches and dies make it easy to punch holes into stainless steel (V2A versions), mild steel, aluminum or plastics with a max. sheet thickness of 2 mm. Available for cut-outs sizes of 10-, 16-, and 24- multi-pin heavy industrial connectors and also for numerous special cut-outs.

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        How to Estimate Die Clearance Required for Punching Stainless Steel. Formula:MATERIAL THICKNESS X .25 Example:.060 x .25 = .015. Lets Discuss How UniPunch Can Help You. Tell us about your project, and well recommend the right UniPunch solution for your needs. REQUEST A QUOTE. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST.